What Is E-Liquid?

E liquid is a unique compound that is made up of nicotine and numerous other chemicals. It is a very unique product since it contains all the flavors and necessary elements to make the vapor to easily heat and become vapor, to give flavor and to deliver nicotine in the best possible manner, without the bad contaminants that could be acquired if not properly applied. If you are concerned about your safety with using the e cigarettes, when you know the e liquid’s components, you will definitely have a clearer understanding of how it works and what it does for the unique smoking experience.

Propylene glycol

This is a flammable liquid, colorless and volatile. It is produced by the fermentation of yeast as well as carbohydrates. This is normally used as a solvent. It is an ingredient that is normally found in various edible products as well as in cosmetic goods. In electronic cigarettes, it is one of the major ingredients. This ingredient is used in air sanitation as well as the disinfection of solid surfaces. As part of electronic cigarettes, this chemical disinfects the inside of the cartridge and it also keeps the air pure, preventing any kind of contaminants to taint the product. According to studies related on air sanitization units, the presence of propylene glycol safely eliminates air contaminants.


This is a thick, sweet and colorless liquid and it has a very high boiling point. In freezing form, this liquid can become a paste. The most common applications of glycerin are in cosmetic products as well as in various products like lotions and soaps. This product serves as a humectant since it can be used to keep the water moisture at an ideal level.


This is a drug that is naturally present in tobacco leaves. Nicotine is transferred to the brain, affecting the brain centers. This is the chemical that makes you keep on smoking. In regular smokes, the nicotine lets you smoke even more even if you are actually aware of the dangers of tobacco. In electronic cigarettes, the components of the cartridge will be composed of nicotine only. This makes the product less dangerous since the nicotine was isolated, allowing the person to enjoy the pleasures of smoking without additional risks and carcinogens present in tobacco based products like cigars and cigarettes.


This is a small amount in these products and it serves as a thinning agent to compliment the alcohol’s effects.

Added flavors

The electronic cigarettes are given unique flavor and taste with the help of natural flavorings. Normally, the cartridges will come with included flavors from tobacco based flavors, fruits, nuts, herbs, beverages, and classic cigarette flavors like menthol and others.

Ethyl alcohol

This is normally used to thin the VG liquids. It also helps in adding some throat hit for the e cigarettes. It is not advised to place it on plastic since leaching can happen. This could affect the taste of the product and this could also cause the plastics to be brittle on the areas that are implemented with the product. Buying quality electronic cigarettes will ensure that this won’t happen, though it may be a problem with discount or disposable e-cigs.


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