What Are E-Cigarettes?

E cigarettes, or E-cigs for short, are battery powered devices, designed to transform nicotine from liquid state to vapor state, allowing the vapor to be “smoked” by the individual. This gives them the sensation of smoking while still putting safety as the top priority since these do not contain components like tobacco, carcinogens or tar that can cause health risks once inhaled by the body or by other people in the form of second-hand smoke. The electronic cigarettes are designed mainly as alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. In the last few years, numerous groups have agreed of the inherent benefits of e-cigs for the health of users. Nonetheless, this still is a big issue that is being discussed and researched by health organizations.

Design of an Electronic CigaretteThe very first patent of the e-cig was passed in 1963 by a man named Henry Gilbert. According to the patent, it was a tobacco free, smokeless cigarette that can help in replacing the dominant tobacco based cigarettes, offering a safer yet equally appealing benefit to the users. Unfortunately with the technologies available in 1963, effectively implementing Gilbert’s ideas was not possible, resulting in a very clunky and imperfect product. It also meant that the cost would have been too great for then consumers to embrace, making it more of a nuisance than a successful venture. In 2003, a Chinese company invented the design of the modern E-cigs, the ones that have been adopted in terms of design and mechanism to what is used today.

The e cigs are made up of 3 important components. First is the cartridge. This serves as the mouthpiece and it also contains the reservoir that contains the liquid nicotine that is then vaporized. The atomizer is the device that serves as the heater and it allows the liquid to be vaporized and transformed to gaseous form. The power supply that provides the power for the e cigs is the battery. This is a rechargeable unit that provides the energy to last for several hours. The units are then placed on a device that’s made to resemble a cigarette, though other designs (such as cigars or pipes) are also available. In newer products, the cartridge and atomizer are combined together to form what’s called a cartomizer. While some people still prefer the old 3-piece design compared to the cartomizer since they tend to be less expensive, the new 2-piece design is much better for the long-term and is the safest option available as you avoid spilling any of the e-liquid.

The liquid component of the e cigarettes is designed to allow the nicotine to easily be transformed to vapor. Aside from nicotine, it is composed primarily of water as well as some other components such as propylene glycol and glycerin. The liquid component will also include flavorings. The flavorings of the electronic cigarettes are created to make sure that the person can enjoy the different flavors when they vape and to add a unique twist to the nicotine absorption. Today’s electronic cigarettes are available in a wide range of flavors that vary from traditional tobacco cigarette tastes to things like strawberry, chocolate and coffee.

The electronic cigarettes are designed to provide amazing health benefits while still allowing you to “smoke” in the same manner you would with tobacco cigarettes. You can either just switch to the healthier e-cigarettes and maintain your habit, or you can gradually decrease the level of nicotine until you can quit permanently.


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