V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

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V2 Cigs Review
Price: $53.65 with Coupon
Discount: 10%
Flavors: 10
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Pros: Cons:
  • Adapter lets you use other brand’s cartridges.
  • 10 different flavors available.
  • Lifetime warranty on all products.
  • Older batteries are very poorly designed.
  • Non-tobacco flavors taste like chemicals.

V2 Cigs didn’t always have the best reputation, but a little over a year ago they made major steps to revamp their company and they’re now one of the top brands. While I still personally keep going back to my Green Smoke at the end of the day, I really enjoyed testing out V2 and trying the different flavors. I’ve even grown to like the manual switch for the rich, full vapor it produces. You really can’t go wrong with a V2, especially if you’re interested in trying some non-tobacco flavors or you’re looking to trade up from an inferior ecig product. Even though V2 isn’t what I carry day-to-day, I still break it out from time to time for something different… definitely one of my favorite vaporizers.


Batteries were a big complaint in earlier versions of the V2 Cig, but V2 listened to its user’s complaints and has made huge improvements to its design. Now V2 batteries are rock-solid.

The batteries come in 3 different sizes: Their shortest length makes the unit slightly longer than a standard tobacco cigarette while the standard size battery makes it just slightly longer than a King-size cigarette. The long battery is significantly bigger than the other two sizes, measuring over 1″ more than the standard battery length. The short battery can sustain 150-200 puffs, the standard 200-250 puffs and the large between 300-350 before needing a recharge.

Each battery is available in 4 different colors: White, Black, Blue or Stainless Steel. Each battery also has two switch options: Automatic or manual. Automatic is similar to most other ecig brands, meaning that it will automatically start producing vapor once you start inhaling. Manual means there is a small button that you press in order to start the vaping process. The advantage to manual is that you can “prime” your puffs, making the vapor thick and plentiful from the get-go as it preheats the liquid. The downside is that unless you hit the button you won’t get anything, so it’s less ideal for those who like to smoke while doing other activities such as driving. Personally I didn’t find the manual button to be too hard to hit, but I still prefer the automatics myself. The automatic batteries have red LED lights at the tip and the manual batteries are blue.


I really like the V2 cartridges. Since they use a 2-piece design instead of 3-piece, all you have to do is unscrew the old cartridge and attach a fresh one and you’re done. No need for cleaning or activating liquid packs and atomizers. The price tag on cartridge refill packs very competitive, though you’ll want to buy at least the 40-pack in order to get the best savings.

V2 Cigs has 10 different flavors available, which is quite a lot for a typical eCig company. The tobacco flavors and what they’re modeled to taste like are: Red (Marlboro), Congress (Parliament), Sahara (Camel/Kent/American Spirit) and Menthol (Kool). For “fun” flavors, they have Peppermint, Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cola. I don’t care for the latter flavors, but their tobacco selection is excellent and tastes better than the real thing (in my opinion). It doesn’t get any better than this.


V2 products offer a tremendous value. This is a product that will not only last you for years to come but also grant you lots of customizable options. If their 10 different flavors aren’t doing it for you, you can purchase blank cartridges that you can fill with any vaporizable liquid you like – even another brand’s. Speaking of other brands, if you’re switching to V2 after using another product (as many have) you can buy an adapter for just $1.95 and use their competitor’s batteries to save some cash. V2’s ecig models are already compatible with several brands by default, such as SmokeTip and White Cloud, but their with their adapter you can use more than 20 different battery packs with V2’s e-cigarette. These features make V2 Cigs the most versatile in the industry.


The support team at V2 Cigs is terrific. They offer email, live chat and phone support, and from my experience with them their agents have always been friendly and helpful. I did wind up getting frustrated with the one-line replies from their email support, though, but the live chat solved my issue quickly enough.

Where V2 truly shines is in their policies. They are one of the few e-cigarette companies to offer a lifetime warranty on their products on top of the standard 30-day money back guarantee. I haven’t had any cause to take advantage of the warranty myself, but I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with it.

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