UK’s First E-Cigarette Bar Opens in London

#vypesocial Bar in LondonThe first ever e-cigarette bar has opened in London – and we couldn’t be happier about it!

The bar, which is called #vypesocial, aims to create an atmosphere that “enhances the sociability between smokers and non-smokers during a night out”. As most of us have seen, there is still considerable confusion over e-cigarettes and where it is “acceptable” to use them. Most establishments, especially bars, are opening up about allowing e-cigs to be used within the premises. Yet many places still force e-cigarette users to go to designated smoking sections. While so far only a few cities have actually established laws regarding electronic cigarette use, it’s always up to the owner’s discretion what they do and do not permit.

There will undoubtedly be some controversy in the UK over #vypesocial’s support of e-cigarettes, as the British Medical Assocation (BMA) recently proclaimed that they will be campaigning to prohibit public use of e-cigarettes, claiming that it could “undermine efforts to prevent or stop smoking by making cigarette use seem normal”. Needless to say, we here et politely disagree with the BMA’s view of electronic cigarette use – but that’s a discussion for another day.


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