The Safe Cig Review

The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Review

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The Safe Cig Review
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  • 14 different tobacco flavors.
  • Excellent batteries.
  • Cartridges last a long time.
  • Lifetime warranty on all products.
  • No non-tobacco flavors.
  • Original kit isn’t as good as other brands.

***IMPORTANT*** The Safe Cig shut down its operations in early February, 2013. This review remains online to serve those who already have a Safe Cig product, and as a personal reminder that even established companies with a good product can fail.

The Safe Cig is one of the best electronic cigarettes in the world. Made entirely in the USA, they are constantly coming up with new ideas and flavors to keep current. Their Micro packs are one-of-a-kind and often imitated but never duplicated. Whenever I’m traveling or know I’ll be out of the house for several hours at a time, I immediately reach for my Safe Cig Micro. I do like the Original as well, but for full-size e-cigarettes my heart belongs to Green Smoke. But if you’re someone with specific taste in tobacco flavors or you’re always on the move, there’s nothing better than The Safe Cig’s Micro packs.


The Safe Cig uses some of the most advanced battery-life technology available. They use a 3.7V lithium ion battery that’s controlled by a micro-circuit board that will only activate when you begin inhaling. This technology is what makes The Safe Cig’s batteries last up to 50% longer than most other brands, including industry leaders such as V2 Cigs.

There are two sizes of battery used by Safe Cig products: The first is their standard battery that come with their Original kits. The Original products are designed for all-day use, lasting for between 5 and 6 hours of active vaping. The trade-off to this is that, like most e-cigarettes, the Original is noticeably larger than a normal tobacco cigarette.

The other size is for their Micro line of products. These are for people who’re on the go and want something unobtrusive and easy to use while still having excellent quality and long battery life. Though they don’t last as long as the Original batteries (2-3 hours vs. 5-6) they make the size much smaller and more comparable to a tobacco cigarette. The length with the cartridge attached is longer than a regular cigarette but shorter than king-size, and the circumference is so similar that you’ll only notice a difference if you hold them side-by-side. I’m a big fan of the Micro packs for this reason.


Let me start out by saying that I really like the way Safe Cig handles their cartridges. There are a whopping 14 different tobacco flavors available: Traditional, Classic, Menthol, Macedonian, Columbian, Mandalay, Madrid, Brazilian, Madagascar, Moroccan, Royale, Saharan, Trinidad and Turkish. Unlike most of its competitors, The Safe Cig does not offer any “fun” flavors like Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate etc. Their reasoning for this is twofold: First, their goal is to provide a product that can closely simulate any tobacco cigarette brand in the world in order to make the transition to e-cigarettes easier. Second, they feel that flavors like Blueberry Mist and Strawberry will encourage underage use of their e-cig. While I’m not sure if that’s true or not, I certainly respect their decision and believe it pays off. Their cartridge flavors do a great job of matching different brands and they actually do taste different – too many companies seem to offer several flavors that are basically the exact same product. They have 6 different levels of nicotine strength to help you switch over from tobacco and gradually scale things down. Finally, The Safe Cig’s cartridges last a VERY long time. Their Original cartridges last longer than any other product I’ve tested while their Micro refills last as long as most full-size electronic cigarettes.


Don’t let the low cost of their Original starter kits and Micro packs fool you: The Safe Cig makes a very quality product. Their entire product line is manufactured in Los Angeles, California, making it one of the few electronic cigarette products that’s actually made in the USA. Their refill price is comparable to other industry leaders, though as their cartridges tend to last much longer you wind up paying a lower price-per-puff. The Micro packs especially are very cool as they look exactly like a normal cigarette pack and can hold up to 7 cartridges, 2 batteries and your USB charger. The design is really ingenious and does the best job of looking/feeling like a real pack of smokes I’ve come across, surpassing even top competitors like Blu Cigs.




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