SmokeTip Review

SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Review

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SmokeTip Review
Price: $59.95
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Flavors: 21
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Pros: Cons:
  • Large selection of flavors.
  • Excellent warranty.
  • Free shipping.
  • Flavors don’t taste very good.
  • Only one kit option.
  • Questionable customer support.

I have to say, I really like how SmokeTip works. They don’t overwhelm you with a hundred different choices and unfamiliar terms; they just give you what you want in one simple, easy package. To make things better, the product itself is actually pretty good, though it’s really a matter of taste for whether or not the flavor cartridges do the trick for you. If you like how they taste then this is a great buy. You’ll definitely be saving a bundle if you’re switching from tobacco cigarettes.


The batteries used by SmokeTip’s e-cigarette are pretty standard for this industry and do their job well. The average smoking life for their standard 2.5″ batteries is between 4 and 4.5 hours. They also offer an extra-large battery that’s 4″ long and has double the capacity of normal batteries, though the drawback is that this makes smoking the e-cig slightly awkward and it won’t fit in their carrying case.

The normal batteries come in 3 colors: White, black or chrome. The white’s tip is an orange LED light while the black and chrome have blue lights. Though the batteries will eventually lose their ability to charge (as most batteries do), the lifetime warranty offered by SmokeTip will allow you to exchange your dead/dying battery for a brand new one. This lets you keep vaping indefinitely without ever having to spend another dime on a replacement battery – VERY cool!


SmokeTip has a staggering 21 different flavors available: Regular (normal tobacco flavor), Menthol, Mild Menthol, Cowboy (similar taste to Marlboro), Vanilla, Coffee, Almond, Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, chocolate, Cinnamon, Clove, Grape, Orange, Peach, Peppermint, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Watermelon. The tobacco flavors are all what you’d expect, but I found the “fun” flavors to taste a little funny (Clove was okay). So while the variety is nothing short of impressive, the taste of the flavors leaves something to be desired. The cartridges have a lifespan that’s comparable to most other electronic cigarettes: Each one lasts for between 200-250 puffs before losing its potency, which is roughly the equivalent of 1 packs of tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine levels range from 16mg to 0mg and the cartridge price is very affordable, even when compared to other leading e-cig brands.


SmokeTip is fairly unique with its setup. Whereas nearly all other brands have several different kits and products available, SmokeTip only offers one kit at one low price. Their lifetime warranty is set up so that you can always get a free replacement battery once yours gets overused and loses its charge. If you’ve ever had to deal with rechargeable batteries, you’ll recognize the tremendous value this offers. They also offer free shipping on all their products, including refill cartridges – another significant discount. Overall your dollar goes pretty far with SmokeTip.


I haven’t had a bad experience with their support, but I have heard some stories from other users to the contrary. They have the standard 30-day money-back guarantee and an incredible lifetime warranty that will replace anything but the flavor cartridges with no questions asked. They have phone support available Monday through Friday as well as email support, though it should be noted that they heavily encourage emailing over calling and do not have a toll-free number at this time. While I haven’t had any problems, other people have reported that they were delivered faulty products (bad battery, non-functioning charger, etc) and had to get items replaced immediately, which took additional time and required them to send in the broken item(s) first. These reports came from before I bought my own kit, so perhaps they fixed their issues since then, but it’s possible that this is still an intermittent issue.

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