Robert Pattinson Keeps On Puffin’

Robert Pattinson Smokes an Electronic CigaretteDespite the highly publicized scandal involving his relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson continues to keep (mostly) healthy by using his e-cigarettes instead of falling back on old habits and taking up tobacco again.

Pattinson, a former long-time smoker, was recently spotted at an after party for the release of his new movie, Cosmopolis. According to an observer, he “looked happy” as he drank beers, chatter with friends, and puffed away on his favorite e-cigarette. This is stark contrast to his behavior immediately following his breakup with Stewart, as he fell back into old habits and was spotted smoking tobacco cigarettes fairly regularly. As anyone who’s kicked their smoking habit can attest, it can be pretty tempting to fall back on bad habits in times of crisis.

Thankfully, it seems that Robert Pattinson’s back on the wagon. Though I’m not a big Twilight fan myself, it’s always good to see a public figure displaying the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Maybe he can compare notes with fellow ecig devotee Katherine Heigl.


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