Polish Youth E-Cig Use On The Rise

A recent study that was published in September reveals that e-cigarette usage is on the rise among teens and young adults in Poland. The study found that among students between the ages of 15 and 19, 23.5% had tried an e-cigarette in their lifetimes, while 8.2% had used them within the last 30 days. For the 20-24 year old demographic, 19% had tried them at some point while only 5.9% had puffed within the past month.

While it’s disconcerting to see any nicotine-based product being used by nearly 1/4 of a nation’s under-aged youth, only 3.2% of those students had tried an e-cigarette after having smoked tobacco.

Some pediatric doctors, such as Lewis R. First of the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggest that the high number of e-cig users in Poland suggests that children are using electronic cigarettes because they have easiest access to them. However, given that 3.2% of all youths who’d ever tried e-cigarettes had previously smoked tobacco, it seems that access to products containing nicotine is simply not hard enough to come by.

Children should not have access to nicotine, period. You can’t blame e-cigarettes when 96.8% of the users had already used tobacco. These numbers are far too high, but to say they mean that electronic cigarettes should be banned is irresponsible and irrational.


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