New Study Finds More Evidence of E-Cig Benefits

A study conducted by the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland has found even more evidence that electronic cigarettes can help users resolve their tobacco addictions.

The study took 3 surveys from 367 electronic cigarette users over the course of one year. The survey was geared towards those who were currently smoking at the start of the study to track the possible effectiveness of e-cigarettes over the course of a year.

Of those who were smokers at the time of the first survey, 22% had stopped smoking tobacco. By the time of the final survey a year later, 46% had kicked their smoking habit in favor of vaping. Of the whole group, they began smoking an average of 11.3 cigarettes per day and were collectively down to 6/day a month into the study.

What does this tell us? Honestly, not enough – this was a very basic study, more a collection of survey data than something scientifically sound. That being said, it’s still very impressive for what it is! It reported nearly a 50% success rate with those who stuck with e-cigs. That’s a staggering figure. I for one am very eager to see what results a long-term hands on study will yield.


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