John Cusack & Eddie Van Halen Smoke E-Cigarettes

Eddie Van Halen Smoking E-CigaretteJohn Cusack is the latest celebrity to jump on the electronic cigarette bandwagon! While giving a recent interview to promote his new movie “The Raven”, in which Mr. Cusack stars as the author Edgar Allen Poe. Cusack was seen puffing from his e-cig as he talked with a reporter from Sudbury Star, a Canadian newspaper. When the reporter noticed this, Cusack commented, “I gave up cigarettes about eight years ago, but I like to smoke these in restaurants, just to freak people out. It’s just water vapor.”

Cusack is not the only celebrity to recently showcase their love for e-cigarettes. Another recent convert is rock legend Eddie Van Halen. It seems that when he’s not shredding riffs on his guitar, the peerless lead guitarist likes to relax with his favorite e-cigarette.

Of course, these are only the latest celebrity e-cigarette enthusiasts to emerge. Many more have been public about their electronic cigarette usage, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Dennis Quaid, Katherine Heigl, Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, and others. Some are even sponsoring e-cigarettes, such as Charlie Sheen’s amusing “NicoSheen” brand. Stay tuned to find out what new celebs get in on the e-cig revolution!


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