How Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking

According to the Center for Disease Control tobacco related diseases cause the death of more than 5 million individuals every year. Even though the casualties are increasing every year, there is hope for the future as it is a preventable epidemic. Given the gravity of the risks that tobacco smoking can cause people, it’s no wonder that when a new product is created to help people kick their tobacco habit for good that smokers do not hesitate to take a new chapter in their lives and explore the possibilities of these modern devices and solutions. One of the latest products that’s been created to help you quit smoking is the electronic cigarette.

The origins of electronic cigarettes began in China when the Ruyan Company designed the first iteration of a working electronic cigarette in 2003. Although it received a good response from the Chinese market, it only hit the American market in 2007 where its design has been perfected and improved upon. Electronic cigarettes are capable of helping tobacco smokers to turn back from smoking and ease their transition to breaking their dependence. In addition to being able to ease the user off of tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs can also save you thousands of dollars and are a much healthier alternative to their tar-filled smoking counterparts.

But how much healthier are they really? For one thing, electronic cigarettes produce a near-odorless vapor as opposed to stinky smoke. They use an internal heater to create a ‘mist’ from a liquid nicotine compound. Instead of taking smoke and toxins in, the smoker (or more accurately, “the vaper”) is only breathing in nicotine vapor. There is nothing getting burnt or consumed, therefore there is no smoke produced. Tobacco smoke contains more than 10,000 toxins that could cause inflammations and respiratory irritations, as well as cancer, heart attacks, stroke and various other serious health concerns. By completely eliminating any form of smoke or other carcinogenic materials, electronic cigarettes are without question a much healthier alternative.

According to studies and peer reviews, many who have tried using electronic cigarettes have agreed that they were more successful in breaking their reliance and addiction to tobacco than they had been with other products or by trying to quit cold-turkey. Even though there’s no actual “smoke” involved, the act of inhaling and exhaling a visible mist from a cigarette-like device is a much easier transition than using gum, patches, or another form of nicotine replacement. You still get the nicotine that your body has become reliant upon, plus you can keep your normal smoking habits that can sometimes be more difficult to break. With an e-cig you can still enjoy a “smoke” with your morning coffee, on your daily commute or any other time you would normally enjoy a cigarette.

There are many ways to quit smoking, such as the aforementioned patches, gums, lozenges, and more.. However, most people who have tried these products as well as e-cigarettes agree that the latter provides more success rate in stopping their smoking habit and eventually kicking their nicotine addiction entirely. Patches can cause rashes and skin irritation in some individuals, and while they supply your body with nicotine they don’t have the same feeling as having a smoke. Gums and lozenges at least occupy the user’s mouth to try and distract it from missing the feel of a cigarette, but anyone who’s tried these knows that it’s not quite the same. For a way to ease yourself off nicotine and stop inhaling harmful smoke immediately, no product or method has a better approach than the electronic cigarette.


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