Happy 2013 from ECigProfessor!

Well, despite all the kerfuffle over the Mayan calendar ending on the 21st, it looks like we’ll be moving forward to 2013 after all. I’ve always loved New Year’s Eve: The excitement and hope over what the next year will bring, looking back at all that’s happened in the previous one, and – of course – making resolutions.

According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, quitting smoking is the 7th most popular New Year’s resolution, after such other popular goals as losing weight, staying healthy, and saving more money. Now, quitting smoking helps with all three of those things, but that’s another discussion.

Given that many people will be making it their goal to stop smoking in 2013, now is the perfect time to order an e-cigarette starter kit to give you a helping hand with the process. Recognizing this, Green Smoke has significantly lowered the price of ALL of their products. All starter kits have had their prices lowered between $30.00-$50.00, and all accessories are getting similar price cuts. They’re also throwing in free cases with their starter kits from now on.

As if that wasn’t enough incentive to kickstart the New Year with a new e-cigarette, they’re also having a 13% discount sale until January 1st! I know it’s short notice, but combining that sale with their new pricing is quite a steal. If you’ve been on the fence about trying e-cigarettes or kicking your tobacco habit in 2013, there’s never been a better time to buy.

On behalf of ECigProfessor.com, have a safe and happy New Year!


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