GreenSmoke Classic Blowout Sale

Green Smoke Classic Kit

Alright everyone, if you were ever on the fence about e-cigarettes or just wanted to see what all the fuss was about GreenSmoke, today’s your lucky day: You can now grab up a GreenSmoke Classic kit for just $69.99!

As you know from our GreenSmoke Review, their kit prices normally range from $89.99 for the Express kit to $129.99 for the Pro. They’ve never offered such a steep discount on one of their ecig kits before.

While everyone knows I prefer the flavor of EverSmoke, there’s a reason that GreenSmoke is considered the Cadillac of electronic cigarettes. There simply isn’t a better made e-cigarette than GreenSmoke’s product. It’s one of the oldest and most recognizable brands and easily has the biggest market share. Some have called it the “Apple of e-cigarette companies” due to their innovation and success. I don’t know if you can compare a nicotine delivery system with an iPad, but the point they’re trying to make is very valid: Nobody makes a higher quality product than GreenSmoke.

Once their supply of Classic kits runs dry, this promotion will be over, so jump on it while there’s still time!

Buy GreenSmoke’s Classic Kit for $69.99


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