EverSmoke’s Holiday “Buy One, Get One Free” Sale

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes

The Professor’s been traveling, so I’m a little late in making this announcement… but thankfully, there’s still time!

EverSmoke is offering an incredible “Buy One, Get One Free” sale from now until Christmas! This means that any starter kit purchase you make until December 25th will get you an extra kit at no additional charge. As if EverSmoke’s prices weren’t low enough with ECigProfessor’s exclusive 10% discount code, now your dollar goes twice as far.

Why would you want two starter kits, you ask? To spread the joy, of course! If you’re buying an e-cigarette, chances are you already know about countless health benefits compared to tobacco products, but sadly there are still many smokers who don’t know much about ecigs and what they’re all about. If you have friends or loved ones who are smokers, now’s the perfect time to show them you care by getting them their own starter kit.

Click here to buy an EverSmoke starter kit and get a 2nd kit FREE!


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