Electronic Cigarette FAQ

Q. In a nutshell, how do e-cigs work?

A. Basically, the design of the e-cigarette has been made to capture the shape and design of a normal cigarette but it functions more like an inhaler, with an atomizer to heat the liquid nicotine and transform it to vapor which is then inhaled by the person and gives the individual the feeling as if they are actually smoking.

Q. How do you switch it on?

A. In most designs, the electronic cigarettes work automatically when the atomizer senses that air is being drawn from the cartridge – in other words, it turns on when you inhale and automatically shuts off when it’s not being used. Rapid heating allows the liquid to be vaporized and so with just a few puffs of air, the vapor will be drawn out and the cigarette will operate right away. Other designs use a button to activate the battery. This allows you to “prime” your vapor by pre-heating the cartridge. This can result in a thicker vapor production with some practice.

Q. How do you know when it’s time to recharge the battery?

A. With most products there is a light indicator on  the electronic cigarette. When it is time to recharge, the indicator lights will normally start blinking, though you should check your user manual as some models may notify you in a different way. Most electronic cigarette starter kits come with extra replacement batteries which will let you continue to vape while your other battery recharges.

Q. How long will my batteries last per charge?

A. Normally, the rechargeable batteries of most electronic cigarettes can last for approximately 2-4 days of moderate use. Of course, the intensity of usage will vary from person to person and therefore people who use the cigarette more than the others will have a different battery power. It will also depend on the quality and size of your brand’s battery, as not all e-cigarette kits are created equal.

Q. How long will the batteries charge?

A. A completely depleted battery will typically take between 1-3 hours to charge, though some may take longer if they’re larger or built to last longer. This is the average time for new batteries as well. Recharging a battery according to its indicator light will take less time as it won’t be completely dead yet.

Q. How many times can you recharge the battery?

A. The battery of the electronic charger will normally last you several hours of use. The total number of times that you can charge the battery can range to up to 300-500 times. This will largely depend on how frequently you use the battery, how depleted it gets and the quality of the battery itself.

Q. What are the benefits of e-liquid compared to tobacco?

A. It contains pure uncontaminated nicotine, the chemical that is present in tobacco cigarettes and gives it the legendary “addictive” quality. In electronic cigarette form, the pure liquid nicotine can satiate cravings and satisfy habits without the added tar and carcinogens you get with tobacco. It is also completely smoke-free, meaning there is no risk of second-hand illness and you can enjoy them in public areas without reprimand.

Q. What are the components of the e-liquid?

A. The e liquid primarily consists of water infused with nicotine in varying levels. It also contains propylene glycol as well as glycerin, artificial flavors and other products.

Q. What other forms of electronic cigarettes can you find?

A. Though most people associate electronic smoking with e-cigarettes as they are by far the most popular design, there are other types of nicotine vaporizers available. Electronic cigarettes can come in pipe form as well as cigar form, meaning that even an avid pipe smoker or cigar enthusiast can find a healthier alternative that will give them the same satisfaction without the risks.


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