Ecigarettes Make Smokers Not Want to Smoke

Ecigarettes Help Quit SmokingWhat’s this? Even MORE data that suggests e-cigarettes can be used to help smokers quit? What a surprise! </end sarcasm>

A recent Italian study followed a group of 300 dedicated smokers for one full year and monitored the effects of electronic cigarettes. They were split into three different groups:

  • The first group was given ecigs with 7.2mg nicotine cartridges. 13% of this group had stopped smoking by the end of the ear.
  • The second group’s ecigs also had 7.2mg cartridges, but they were reduced to 5.6mg halfway through. This group had 9% of its smokers stop before the year was over.
  • The third group’s e-cigarettes contained tobacco flavor, but no nicotine. This group only had a 4% success rate.

These percentages may not seem overly-encouraging, but here comes the big reveal:

None of the 300 smokers had any intention of quitting when they signed up for the study!

Yes, you heard it right: Every survey participant was inteviewed and asked if they had any plans or desire to quit smoking any time soon. Only those who answered no and expressed zero desire to quit were selected.

While no study is 100% definitive, this certainly suggests that not only are e-cigarettes effective in helping smokers trying to quit, but that using the product on a regular basis has the inherent side-effect of reducing your smoking.


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