E-Cigarette’s Effect On Lungs

Our friends over at The Smoker’s Angel conducted an informal survey of their readers and several vaping bloggers on the effects and impact of electronic cigarettes on their lung capacity and daily lives. I highly recommend heading over there and giving it a read; the results are pretty impressive. Some of the highlights include:

98% of all those who switched to e-cigarettes smoked less (or not at all) after switching.

77% of ecig users only vaped, while 15.3% mainly vaped but still had the occasional cigarette.

63.9% of users who’d previously had smoker’s cough saw a marked improvement after switching (32.7% never had smoker’s cough – lucky bastards…)

70% reported increased lung capacity after switching, with only 26.4% not noticing a change. To be fair, of those 70%, only 22.1% had their lung performance increase confirmed by a physician.

While this is in no way a comprehensive survey, being a mostly informal, open survey, these numbers do seem to fit the reports on the electronic cigarette’s effect on a smoker’s health.

Keep on vaping!


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