New Study Finds More Evidence of E-Cig Benefits

A study conducted by the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland has found even more evidence that electronic cigarettes can help users resolve their tobacco addictions.

The study took 3 surveys from 367 electronic cigarette users over the course of one year. The survey was geared towards those who were currently smoking at the start of the study to track the possible effectiveness of e-cigarettes over the course of a year.

Of those who were smokers at the time of the first survey, 22% had stopped smoking tobacco. By the time of the final survey a year later, 46% had kicked their smoking habit in favor of vaping. Of the whole group, they began smoking an average of 11.3 cigarettes per day and were collectively down to 6/day a month into the study.

What does this tell us? Honestly, not enough – this was a very basic study, more a collection of survey data than something scientifically sound. That being said, it’s still very impressive for what it is! It reported nearly a 50% success rate with those who stuck with e-cigs. That’s a staggering figure. I for one am very eager to see what results a long-term hands on study will yield.


World Health Organization Fears E-Cigs – Because of their Shape

WHO Cautions Against E-CigarettesThe Surgeon General and World Health Organization have historically worked towards reducing smoking once the ill-effects were fully revealed, and they’ve done so with a solid degree of success. Statistics from the 1970’s show that 2 out of 5 US adults smoked cigarettes regularly. Today, that number is reduced to 1 in 5. That’s a hugely significant – and impressive – reduction in tobacco smoking.

The only problem is that they have run out of ideas to reduce it further. Smoking is banned in public establishments, graphic warnings appear on the cartons, and anti-smoking campaigns consistently get the message out to a wide audience. Yet there was close to zero forward progress in 2011 and 2012, and very little reduction in smokers overall since around 2005. This paints a picture of a campaign that’s stagnating without fresh ideas or developments.

Cue e-cigarettes, a new way delivering nicotine to the system. While there have been numerous products that achieve this through patches, gum, lozenges, and so on, e-cigarettes mimic the habitual side of smoking while also helping taper off nicotine addiction in a healthy, non-carcinogenic way. While fresh data is not available on the statistical effect of electronic cigarettes, it’s clearly caught on and has gained serious attention.

Despite this, WHO takes issue with them; not over health or safety concerns, but because they’re worried that the design of electronic cigarettes will remove the “bad” or “uncool” stigma that they’ve worked so hard to generate. Yes, that’s right: The World Health Organization is against electronic cigarettes because of how they look.

Palm, meet face.


UK’s First E-Cigarette Bar Opens in London

#vypesocial Bar in LondonThe first ever e-cigarette bar has opened in London – and we couldn’t be happier about it!

The bar, which is called #vypesocial, aims to create an atmosphere that “enhances the sociability between smokers and non-smokers during a night out”. As most of us have seen, there is still considerable confusion over e-cigarettes and where it is “acceptable” to use them. Most establishments, especially bars, are opening up about allowing e-cigs to be used within the premises. Yet many places still force e-cigarette users to go to designated smoking sections. While so far only a few cities have actually established laws regarding electronic cigarette use, it’s always up to the owner’s discretion what they do and do not permit.

There will undoubtedly be some controversy in the UK over #vypesocial’s support of e-cigarettes, as the British Medical Assocation (BMA) recently proclaimed that they will be campaigning to prohibit public use of e-cigarettes, claiming that it could “undermine efforts to prevent or stop smoking by making cigarette use seem normal”. Needless to say, we here et politely disagree with the BMA’s view of electronic cigarette use – but that’s a discussion for another day.


Ecigarettes Make Smokers Not Want to Smoke

Ecigarettes Help Quit SmokingWhat’s this? Even MORE data that suggests e-cigarettes can be used to help smokers quit? What a surprise! </end sarcasm>

A recent Italian study followed a group of 300 dedicated smokers for one full year and monitored the effects of electronic cigarettes. They were split into three different groups:

  • The first group was given ecigs with 7.2mg nicotine cartridges. 13% of this group had stopped smoking by the end of the ear.
  • The second group’s ecigs also had 7.2mg cartridges, but they were reduced to 5.6mg halfway through. This group had 9% of its smokers stop before the year was over.
  • The third group’s e-cigarettes contained tobacco flavor, but no nicotine. This group only had a 4% success rate.

These percentages may not seem overly-encouraging, but here comes the big reveal:

None of the 300 smokers had any intention of quitting when they signed up for the study!

Yes, you heard it right: Every survey participant was inteviewed and asked if they had any plans or desire to quit smoking any time soon. Only those who answered no and expressed zero desire to quit were selected.

While no study is 100% definitive, this certainly suggests that not only are e-cigarettes effective in helping smokers trying to quit, but that using the product on a regular basis has the inherent side-effect of reducing your smoking.


E-Cigarette’s Effect On Lungs

Our friends over at The Smoker’s Angel conducted an informal survey of their readers and several vaping bloggers on the effects and impact of electronic cigarettes on their lung capacity and daily lives. I highly recommend heading over there and giving it a read; the results are pretty impressive. Some of the highlights include:

98% of all those who switched to e-cigarettes smoked less (or not at all) after switching.

77% of ecig users only vaped, while 15.3% mainly vaped but still had the occasional cigarette.

63.9% of users who’d previously had smoker’s cough saw a marked improvement after switching (32.7% never had smoker’s cough – lucky bastards…)

70% reported increased lung capacity after switching, with only 26.4% not noticing a change. To be fair, of those 70%, only 22.1% had their lung performance increase confirmed by a physician.

While this is in no way a comprehensive survey, being a mostly informal, open survey, these numbers do seem to fit the reports on the electronic cigarette’s effect on a smoker’s health.

Keep on vaping!


E-Cigarettes Not Harming Our Youth

One of the main arguments against electronic cigarettes is that they’re a gateway to smoking tobacco for younger audiences. Since many states still don’t have age restrictions on e-cigarettes, and ecig cartomizers come in a variety of flavors that may be appealing to a child, the concern is that they’re being targeted towards children and will lead to nicotine addiction or reliance.

This has been an ongoing debate since electronic cigarettes first began to emerge on the market and make a name for themselves, but as they’re a relatively new product, neither side could provide any cohesive evidence to support their claims.

Fortunately, the Action on Smoking an Health (ASH) conducted a massive survey of over 12,000 adults and 2,000 children. Their findings clearly support the fact that e-cigarettes are not leading children to smoke.

Here are some statistics that the study found:

0% of children between the ages of 11-15 had ever used or tried e-cigarettes.

0% of those who use or have tried e-cigarettes are non-smokers.

While some children aged 16-18 have tried e-cigarettes, 100% of them are currently or were once smokers.

Hopefully this helps quell any argument that electronic cigarettes are corrupting the youth of the world.


One in Five US Smokers Have Tried ECigs

One in Five US Smokers Use ECigarettes

Howdy, sports fans! It’s been a long time since my last post. I’ve been traveling and working on other projects, and unfortunately my blog writing fell by the wayside. Now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get back in the swing of things – and what better way to kick off my new blogging regularity than with the latest study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention!

In 2011, 21% of adult smokers had also tried e-cigarettes at least once. While having 1/5 of all smokers trying out e-cigs is impressive enough on its own, it’s even more spectacular when you compare it to the previous year, where only 10% of U.S. smokers had tried an electronic cigarette. The usage doubled in just one year, which is fantastic. Awareness of what e-cigarettes are is going up as well, from 40% knowing what they are in 2010 to 60% in 2011.

E-cigarettes are still mainly used by those who are currently smoking and trying to quit; not many non-smokers or former smokers are vaping, which makes sense. While e-cigs are fun and delicious, they’re intended as a healthier tobacco substitute to reduce the amount of tar and carcinogens you’re intaking from traditional cigarettes.

A 10% increase in just one year is a tremendous achievement. If this pace keeps up, we could see significant drops in smoke-related illness. Keep your fingers crossed.


The Safe Cig Shuts Down; South Beach Smoke Compensates!

The Safe Cig Closed

In a surprising (and sudden) move, The Safe Cig e-cigarette brand has been shut down. Their website now redirects to Seminole ecigs, a newer brand which fails to impress. This is unfortunate news, as The Safe Cig offered a premium e-cigarette at fair price. Unfortunately, there had been increasing reports of their inventory being out of stock, their support being unavailable, and general concerns about the company’s capabilities.

This is very, very unfortunate news, and I feel I must personally apologize for endorsing their brand. They offered a terrific product, and for years the company seemed stable and growing, but apparently this was not enough to sustain them. I offer my sympathies to those who purchased The Safe Cig and will now be unable to receive continued support or new/replacement components.

However, this does come with a silver lining from an awesome company that’s quickly becoming my favorite: South Beach Smoke is offering a FREE Deluxe Starter Kit to any past customers of The Safe Cig!

I don’t have to tell you what an extremely generous offer this is. South Beach Smoke has zero connection with The Safe Cig, but as committed members of the e-cigarette community they’re willing to help out those poor souls who are stuck with obsolete products. All you need to do is fill out this rebate form and take a picture of yourself with a Safe Cig product and they’ll refund 100% of your cost, no questions asked.

Really, this is a blessing in disguise: Instead of your old Safe Cig, you get a much cooler South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit at no additional cost. Better hurry, as this offer expires March 31st!

Free South Beach Smoke Kit

***UPDATE*** EverSmoke is matching South Beach Smoke’s offer as well!


I Don’t Hate Smokers

I know I say a lot of bad things about smoking, but I bear absolutely no ill-will or judgment towards smokers.

While it’s true that secondhand smoke kills, which makes many non-smokers resent those who do use tobacco, I don’t believe you can blame it all on the tobacco user. The argument can be made that they “made the choice” to start smoking, which is true, but that choice was heavily influenced by Big Tobacco.

Look at all the cigarette advertisements. They glorify smoking as a very cool, elegant, luxurious activity. This type of tactic is true of all advertisements, but it’s especially effective with a product like cigarettes. And let’s not forget the old, thankfully banned advertisement methods of tobacco companies: Putting cigarettes into comics, cartoons, movies, television… Everywhere you looked, someone was pushing cigarettes. This was especially effective because it targeted the “next generation” of smokers with its colorful mascots and cigarette-puffing heroes.

And let’s not forget that tobacco companies designed cigarettes specifically to be addictive and habit-forming. You can become addicted to just about anything (curse you, Oreos!) but cigarettes are chemically designed to make your body physically rely on them. I’m by no means a viceless guy, but I strongly believe that engaging in any vice should be an informed, conscious decision, NOT an innate need or craving that you can’t deny.

So, please do not mistake my ravings as an attack on smokers. In a perfect world, anyone who smoked could simply decide to stop and leave it at that. Since that isn’t the case, we have to invent products and methods just to help us stop doing what should be a voluntary action.


Tobacco Companies Ordered to Tell the Truth

Earlier this month, a federal judge ordered tobacco companies to “come clean with the truth” by running advertisements and publishing statements explaining that they’d “deliberately deceived the American public about the health effects of smoking.”

This is a pretty big win for anti-smoking enthusiasts and will help raise public awareness about these tobacco companies. Obviously, everyone already knows that smoking kills – or at least one hopes they do. But not everyone realizes just how much we were deceived by false claims and cover-ups about the extent of harm caused by smoking. Though at this point it probably won’t make much of a difference, maybe it will anger a few smokers enough to have them make the switch to e-cigarettes and kick their tobacco habit for good.

Here are a few other statements that tobacco companies will have to make:

“When you smoke, the nicotine actually changes the brain – that’s why quitting is so hard.” (Anyone who’s ever smoked can attest to this!)

“Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer and coronary heart disease in adults who do not smoke.” (This one’s my favorite, so many people don’t realize just how much harm their smoking can do to others.)

“Defendant tobacco companies intentionally designed cigarettes to make them more addictive.” (Despicable.)

“Smoking kills, on average, 1,200 Americans every day.” (Too bad they don’t have to give the worldwide average of <INSERT GLOBAL AVERAGE HERE>.)


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