Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Though most still contain nicotine, which is a harmful substance, electronic cigarettes are extremely safe when compared with tobacco cigarettes that millions of people smoke every day. One thing that makes the electronic cigarettes much more acceptable from a health point of view is the obvious lack of tobacco or smoking element in the device. It only contains pure nicotine without any of the tar or carcinogens found in tobacco. Of course, even though inhaling pure nicotine is certainly healthier than smoking it via tobacco, there are some risks that can be associated with electronic cigarettes.

Independent experts and the FDA have studied numerous brands of electronic cigarettes and unfortunately, though the results from most of the testing may be promising, the lack of regulation of the products is showing its weakness. According to experts, there are some disturbing statistics and data regarding some brands of e cigarettes. It has been noted that some brands offer more nicotine per cartridge than others, with some refills containing as much as 1 gram of nicotine. That would be enough nicotine to take down a large dog and would certainly not be too pleasing for a human. Most of these risky or uncontrolled e-cig producers are quickly shut down, but this still highlights the importance of researching companies and products by reading trustworthy ecigarette reviews.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some reports that some nicotine refills contain less nicotine than advertised and people who have used them might not get the fix that they need to avoid smoking tobacco. Nonetheless, according to expert analysis, the future of e cigarettes as alternatives to other tools for quitting smoking has a bright future. However, until the government and the FDA come up with rock-solid compliance guidelines for manufacturers to adhere to, the only way to ensure that you’re getting a quality product is by checking on the latest reviews of e-cigarettes.

Similar to the electronic cigarettes, one less obvious and more widely accepted form of nicotine delivery is the nicotine inhaler that is available with a prescription from a doctor. Some say that this is a better option as it comes from a doctor, but the mere delivery of nicotine does not help people who are heavy smokers and would like to have a better success in living a cleaner life. The inhaler gives the same nicotine benefit that you can receive from various devices such as patches, gum, lozenges and so on, but it does nothing to alleviate the actual habit of having a cigarette.

Another concern raised by anti-ecig lobbyists (most of which are funded primarily by the tobacco industry) is that the relative ease of bypassing age restrictions and the “fun” flavors available, such as chocolate and strawberry, will lead to underage individuals partaking in the practice and getting “hooked” on the e-cigs. However, there is currently no proof or documentation to back up these theories, though several major electric cigarette companies are voluntarily removing the non-tobacco flavors to try and dissuade young people from trying them.


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