10 Reasons to Switch to E-Cigs

1)      No More Smoke!

Tobacco-based products contain flammable materials creates tar and carcinogen-filled smoke when lit. Not only does this get absorbed by your lungs when you smoke it, but the second-hand smoke it creates when you exhale can cause harm to others. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco or flammable materials of any kind. Being electronic, it uses an internal vaporizer to create harmless water vapor.

2)      Great Flavor

Electronic cigarette cartridges come in a wide range of flavors. In addition to dozens of different tobacco flavors, you can find many untraditional flavors such as fruits, spices, herbs and beverages. They are completely safe and do not contain the toxins from tobacco. They are designed to make you appreciate more tobacco-free vaping while still enjoying the nicotine effects of tobacco.

3)      Cost-effective

The average smoker spends more than $1,000 per year on cigarettes (sometimes much more!) and they all get smoked to nothing and discarded. E-cigarettes on the other hand offer a tremendous discount since you only need to buy one unit that can last for years. The only ongoing costs are the replacement nicotine cartridges, which are usually less than 1/10th the price of cigarettes. This leads to hundreds of dollars in savings per year.

4)      Minimize Toxicity

Tobacco smoke contains 5,000 known toxins that could harm the body and 10,000 more unknown components. This means that if you smoke cigarettes every day, you are adding a tremendous amount of harmful toxins into your body that can lead to serious diseases. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco, nor do they produce harmful smoke or carcinogens.

5)      Smoke in Different Places

Since electronic cigarettes are not tobacco-based products and they do not emit smoke, they can be used with subtlety in most places where traditional cigarettes are forbidden. You can enjoy e-cigs in places like restaurants, bars, airports, public transportation, inside your house and other areas that are enclosed. You may get some curious looks if people see you inhaling from something that resembles a cigarette, but nobody will complain of any smell or bothersome smoke.

6)      Avoid Bad Breath

The tobacco component that causes the smoke on regular cigarettes smell bad also leaves traces of itself in your bloodstream, saliva and surface of your mouth. Electronic cigarettes contain no such toxins, leaving your breath smelling normal and saving you money on chewing gum and mints. Added bonus: No more smoke-soaked stinky clothes!

7)      Brighter Smile

Tar is a component in all tobacco-based products that contains considerable toxins and staining agents. Continuous smoking can cause darkening of the gums, yellowed or stained teeth and other gum and dental anomalies.  Electronic cigarettes do not contain any compound that could cause tooth staining or decay.

8)      Full Nicotine Control

One can purchase e-cig refill cartridges that contain various levels of nicotine. What does this mean? Someone who wants to quit smoking can start off with a higher dosage of nicotine that’s comparable to tobacco cigarettes and then gradually wean themselves off by decreasing the level of nicotine in each cartridge. If you set a plan and stick with it, you’ll kick your addiction in no time.

9)      Stop Smoking

According to numerous studies showing the advantages of electronic cigarettes, people who have used e-cigs as a nicotine delivery tool have less urges to smoke actual cigarette. They also start to find the flavor of smoke unappealing. This means that the chances of a smoking relapse are minimized as you’re less likely to have a craving for a tobacco cigarette.

10)   Live Longer!

Cancer, emphysema, heart problems, liver problems and tons of other risks are associated with tobacco smoking. If you want to stop smoking, you know that it will be a hard journey. Electronic smokes make it easier to transition from being a smoker to a non-smoker, and they do it in a way that will not sacrifice your health or put you at risk for disease or illness.


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